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Number of Rudraksha to be Worn

There is always a question in the mind of the believer or wearer that how many Rudraksha should be worn and at which part of the body it should be worn to get better and effective results.

There are basically two approaches of wearing the Rudraksha either by consulting the epics or by consulting any priest or on previous experience of any friend or relative or family members.

As per different Epic Sources

Epic Source Shrimad Bhagwad

Body parts /organs Number of beads to be worn
Sikha (Crown Hair) 1
Wrists (both right & left) 12/12
Neck 32 in 2 rows
Ears (both right and left) 6/6
Chest 108
Shoulders 500
Yajnopaveet (sacred thread) 108

Epic Source Shiva Puran

Body parts /organs Number of beads to be worn
Crown 550 or 1,100
Yajnopaveet 360 (3 rows) & 120 each or 3 strings each of108 beads
Sikha (Crown Hair) 1 & 3
Ears (both right & left) 6/6
Forearm (both right and left) 11/11 or 16/16 or 24/24
Karpoodvara 11
Wrists (both right and left) 11/11 or 12/12
Waist region 5
Fore Head 30 or 40
Shoulders 500
Heart (Chest) 108

Epic Source Rudrakshajabalnoanishad

Body parts /organs Number of beads to be worn
Wrist (both right and left) 12/12
Yajnopaveet 108 beads
Shoulders 15
Neck region 2, 3, 5, & 7 rows
Waist 300(mean)
500 (medium)
1000 (best)

Epic Source Nirunayasindhu

Body parts /organs Number of beads to be worn
Eyes (both right and left) 4/4
Neck region 32
Forehead 40
Ears (both right and left) 6/6
Wrists (both right and left) 12/12
Forearms (both right and left) 16/16
Sikha (crown hair) 1
Heart (chest) 108

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