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Rudraksha : a beauty aid

For dark circles

Make a paste of rudraksha by rubbing on hard surface or make the powder of rudraksha and mix it with water till it become a thick paste, add some drops of fresh lime and tulsi and then apply on the affected parts.

For a fresh and glowing skin

Mix rudraksha and manjeestha powder with honey and ghee made up of cow's milkand apply the pack on the face andrubb it for few minutes to addglow to the face.

For clean and clear skin

Prepare a paste of rudraksha with red sandalwood, leaves of chametli and leaves of vatvraksha and appy it on the face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes till it dry and then wash the face with luke warm water.

For any type of skin disorder like ring worm, eczema etc

Apply paste made out of five mukhi beads mixed with cow dung in water (preferably Ganga jal) and apply over the affected areas.

For removing wrinkles

Prepare a paste of eight mukhi rudraksha and powder of almond seed in rose water, apply it on the face and leave it for an hour. Wash the face without using soap. It add glow and make the face wrinklefree.

For burns

Mix rudraksha with coconut oil and apply it on the affected area. It will give cooling sensation to the affected area.
Or Mix powder of rudraksha, sandalwood and giloy in limestone water and add equal quantity of coconut oil and apply this paste on the burnt area.

Rudraksha for hair

For controlling premature graying of hair, a paste of rudraksha, iron powder, black soil and bringraj and add sugar cane juice. Bury this preparation in a pot in the soil for about one month and then take it out and then apply it on the hair three or four times a day. In with in three to four months it will give back natural colour of hair and help in its growth.

Rudraksha water

Immerse three to five beads of rudraksha in one liter of water in earthen or copper pot for about 20 hours. Decant the water, allow the beads to dry for two to three hours and again put them back in the water for 20 hours. Remove the beads thereafter. Drinking this water daily basis will help control blood pressure and is good for heart ailments. The same beads can be used upto one year.

This water is also effective for

  • Headache or migraine (put a few drops in the ears)
  • Any external infection or wound (apply this water locally and drink it regularly)
  • Cold and cough (put few drops in nose)
  • Eye diseases (put few drops of this clean water in the eyes)

Note: It is requested that before using these methods please consult any expert, priest, vaidya or any doctor.

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